Animal & Pet

At the RCM Wellness Centre, we consider every member of your family, from hamster to Great Dane. We provide similar treatments for your fur family as we know how important they are to your own wellbeing. From pregnancy to whelp to geriatric and throughout.

Animal Services

  • Ultrasound Injury diagnostic 
  • Ultrasound Pregnancy Scan 
  • Pet Nutrition 
  • Stray and Feral Animal Advice 
  • Feline Whelping Assistance 
  • Canine Whelping Assistance 
  • Overnight whelp 
  • No advance booking & overnight
  • Canine  Whelping Support Pre Natal
  • Feline Whelping Pre Natal Advice  
  • Pet Physiotherapy 
  • Pet Psychology Assessment and Treatment
  • Pet Behaviour Consultation 
  • Pet Health

What people think

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