Wellbeing & Nutrition

If we regard nutrition as the fuel that you feed your body, like a car we need the correct fuel to work efficiently and effectively. If we are utilising a fuel that doesn’t agree with our mechanisms it can lead to a breakdown in function. Therefore, identifying common aggravators or intolerances within our diet and giving an analysis of the individuals needs and requirements will maximise the function and possibly reduce symptomology.

There are foods that can increase inflammatory responses and increase symptoms. Food can be a tool to reduce or enhance symptoms depending on the goal we have. Tweaking the diet to benefit performance for example can also be done alongside reducing negative symptoms.Wellness and optimisation of the physical capacity is our passion. We promote disability sport with enthusiasm and enjoy working with athletes on a one to one to increase their performance capacity. My media work allows me to highlight and draw attention to health and wellness. 

I write for Yorkshire Post as a guest writer about health and wellness, my cares show on radio and my chat shows are all designed to provide information and assist people to have a better quality of life. My recipe books are available on Amazon if people wish to tweak their diets without intervention form a nutritionist and there are volumes of free recipes available to download on my website and a plentiful supply of scientific and evidence based articles and information's. I have also developed a Wellness supplement range which is patented in its delivery and this will be increasing in product range as soon as I can get back into the lab with my pharmacists.

Wellness Services

Wellbeing Treatments

  • Deep Cleansing and Relaxing Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Wellness Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Acupressure for Chronic Illness
  • Hopi Ear Candling
  • Reiki


Dry Cupping

  • Dry Cupping
  • Facial Cupping and Eye Treatment 

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